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About Us

Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

An Idea Is Born In Minneapolis

After moving to the Twin Cities in 1992 "JP" continued his retail job at Macy's in the newly built M.O.A in Bloomington, Minnesota where he met a young lady that would change his life for the better.  While hanging out with his lady friend and cutting her roommates hair in her kitchen, she suggested that he should take his skills to barber school.

Entering Minneapolis Technical College in March of 1994 "JP" realized it would take two years to graduate, he quickly transferred to Moler Barber School to be able to complete the program sooner. Where he was able to complete the program in one year.

After 6 years in Atlanta, Georgia, "JP" moved back to Minnesota to reconnect with friends and family. With a wife and 2 kids, he also has a passion for golf. You can find him on his scooter all around the Twin Cities chasing that little ball around. 

Golf has been a major part of his life since 2005 when a client traded in his clubs for a haircut. Lots of connections are made on the golf course, so "JP" uses that as a means to recruit new clientele. FORE!

Jimmy "JP" Philibert

Master Barber